ERC Advanced Grants awarded for image resolution and quantum materials

News - 30 August 2013 - Webredactie Communication

Two researchers from TU Delft have been awarded Advanced Grants by the European Research Council. (ERC). Prof. Michel Verhaegen received the grant for research into image resolution, and Prof. Teun Klapwijk will use the grant for his research into quantum materials. ERC Advanced Grants are awarded for a period of five years to outstanding scientists who lead an independent team and an ambitious, world-class programme. The grant is worth up to 2.5 million euros.

Sharper images with iCON  

The aim of the ERC project of Prof. Michel Verhaegen is to develop iCON, a new computational tool that combines real-time feedback control with post-processing for the restoration of images. iCON should result in improved image resolution, particularly in the case of problems that arise in the scientific imaging of relatively weak objects, for example in the search for exoplanets with future Extremely Large Telescopes, and looking at biological tissue in more detail.

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Astronomy technology for research into quantum materials

The aim of the ERC project of Prof. Teun Klapwijk of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience is to enhance understanding of quantum materials in which different ground states compete with each other, a situation that results in electronic inhomogeneity in the material. The challenge is therefore to measure the electrodynamic properties of these materials on the local scale (i.e. the nanoscale).

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