Start of MOOC ‘Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering’

News - 03 March 2014 - Webredactie Communication

Today saw the launch of TU Delft’s third MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering. This free online course provides an overview of and introduction to basic knowledge of aeronautics. Participants learn how to make all the essential calculations for every aircraft.

Aeronautical Engineering

The history of aviation is the leitmotiv for the online course, with examples from the very early days (the Montgolfier brothers’ balloon in 1783 and the first aeroplane flown by the Wright brothers in 1903) through to today’s Airbus A380 and aircraft of the future. The course is intended for future aeronautics students, professionals in the aviation sector who do not have an engineering background, and anyone with a general interest in aviation.

‘TU Delft has one of the largest Aerospace Engineering faculties in the world. That’s why we want to offer this course as one of the first MOOCs,’ says Jacco Hoekstra, Professor of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management at TU Delft. He initiated the course and is also one of the lecturers.


TU Delft organised the first two MOOCs last autumn. The number of students who passed these MOOCs was many times more than the annual number of on-campus students. About 550 online students passed the exams for the ‘Introduction to Water Treatment’ course and as many as 3,000 certificates were awarded for ‘Solar Energy’.

Aeronautical Engineering will start with around 13,500 students.


Wherever a person is in the world, the MOOCs give them free access to TU Delft’s knowledge. Those taking part view video material, read, carry out assignments, hold discussions on the forum, and can round off the course with a participation certificate. TU Delft provides the MOOCs via the edX platform, an online education platform that institutions such as MIT and Harvard have been using since 2012 to make courses available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Next MOOCs

April will see the launch of another two MOOCs at TU Delft: Next Generation Infrastructures – Part 1 and An Introduction to Credit Risk Management.  


For more information on the MOOCs at TU Delft, please visit the website.