Exhibition Impact! - Ethical reflection through art, experience and interaction -

News - 13 October 2015

The Impact! exhibition - Ethical reflection through art, experience and interaction - is hosted from 14 October to 16 December 2015 at the TU Delft Library.

The works presented are the result of a series of workshops initiated by Shannon Spruit and Zoë Robaey of the Philosophy of Technology group of TU Delft. In these workshops, TU Delft students met with local artists and philosophers with the goal of producing a visual work reflecting ethical aspects of their future work and/or the role of technology in society. Visual Communication advisor Annick Spoelstra coached the students and helped them develop and fine-tune their objects. 


We cordially invite you to come visit the Impact! exhibition in TU Delft Library and see the various works ranging from paintings and pictures, to objects and the occasional fruit fly, and have a lively discussion about the role of engineers and technology in our society.

This exhibition is the result of a co-creation process with Top Delft, the curating help of Marion Vredeling of the TU Delft Library and of Harry Hoek of the Public Library of Rotterdam


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Students exposing their work:

Damar Aji Pramudita
Nadja Den Besten
Emilie Buist
Annetje Guédon
Sofia Kaliarnta
Katrien Meijdam
Kalle Nijs
Mariet Sauerwein
Raissa Ulbrich
Laura Zambelli Sessona
Mengying Zhang


Anamaria Buda
Harry Hoek (Public Library Rotterdam)
Shannon Spruit
Zoë Robaey
Marion Vredeling (TUD Library)

Visual Coaching:

Annick Spoelstra


Linda Ammerlaan – TOP Delft
Nadîja Broekhart – Hipsick Unusual Theatre
Rik van Hazendonk
Zoe Kate Reddy
Zoë Robaey
Annick Spoelstra
Shannon Spruit

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