ERC Advanced Grant for research on global terrorism and collective moral responsibility

News - 21 July 2015

Professor Seumas Miller of the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of TU Delft has been awarded an European Research Grant of 2.5 million euros for a five-year research project on global terrorism and collective moral responsibility.

With his research ‘Global Terrorism and Collective Moral Responsibility: Redesigning Military, Police and Intelligence Institutions in Liberal Democracies’, Miller joins ERC Advanced Grant winners prof. Cees Dekker and prof. Serge Hoogendoorn

Collective moral responsibility

International terrorism, such as Al Qaeda, and ISIS, is a major global security threat. Counter-terrorism is a morally complex enterprise involving police, military, intelligence agencies and non-security agencies. Counter-terrorism should be framed as a collective moral responsibility of governments, security institutions and citizens. 

Research questions

Miller’s research focuses on the following research questions: how is international terrorism to be conceptually demarcated? What is the required theoretical notion of collective moral responsibility? What counter-terrorist strategies and tactics are effective, morally acceptable and consistent with liberal democracy? How is this inchoate collective moral responsibility to be institutionally embedded in security agencies? 

For this five-year research project, Miller is putting together a research group consisting of an Associate Professor, a Post Doc, two PhDs and a Research Assistant.

More information

Read more on the ERC website.
Prof. Seumas Miller, faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of TU Delft,
Claire Hallewas (press officer),, +31 (0)15 278 4259.