BK City Living LAB: Silence Please, Bucky Lab’s Final Exhibition

News - 03 February 2016

Due to its size, the acoustical comfort in some of BK City’s working spaces is not ideal. Bucky Lab students spent last semester exploring ways to better this and set out to design beautiful acoustic panels. The prototypes are on show in the Oostserre till 12 February.

The Bucky Lab students were asked to come up with a way to improve de acoustics of large spaces in the faculty. Starting with the collective workspace at the Department of Urbanism that is jointly used by the chair of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Technology & Design, the students were challenged to design panels that were both high performing as visually attractive.

The shown prototypes are designed to be used as room dividers, sunshade panels or to be hung from the ceiling. 

To test the panels acoustic qualities, the panels taken to a lab where they were put to the test.

Most designs are too expensive to make their way into regular office rooms, but they show the wide range of possibilities to improve office acoustics.

The panels will be installed at the office space of urbanism and tested by its users. There’s the possibility that some designs will  be developed further and be used in more rooms of the faculty.

All photos by Marcel Bilow

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