In the paper: Will custom made, CNC milled booths house 350 refugees?

News - 02 March 2016 - Communication BK

"Will a computer-controlled milling machine be the answer to housing 350 refugees in the vacant Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment building? Architect Peter Stoutjesdijk has developed a ‘secret weapon' for the empty office: the Comfort Cabin. The Comfort Cabin consists of a bathroom, kitchen, closet space and includes a fold-out desk."  - de Volkskrant, 2 March

Turning vacant properties into affordable habitable housing in no time, sounds too good to be true. Yet with the Comfort Cabin, a built-in furniture set designed by researcher Pieter Stoutjesdijk student Freek van Zeist and alumnus Vincent Mak, it seems to be possible. On 2 March de Volkskrant published an article on the product, read it here.

Coming Spring a pilot for the project take place at the faculty.

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