'Als de zon schijnt …’ September 28th inaugural speech prof. Arno Smets

News - 21 September 2016

The market of photovoltaic systems is growing much faster than any other renewable energy source worldwide. The implementation into society, however, is happening in a slower pace. Smets: ‘We need to put the power to the individual, rather than relying on complicated incentives. After all, the solar energy revolution does this already!’

September 28th is the date of the inaugural speech of prof. Arno Smets ‘Als de zon schijnt …’ ('When the sun is shining ...') at TU Delft. It’s the Electrical Sustainable Energy (ESE) department's vision that energy supply will be fully renewable energy source based, in the near future. Smets’ solar energy research and education is aimed to accelerate this energy transition through further integration of solar energy conversion systems in society. For this purpose Smets develops different technologies that convert sunlight into usable electrical energy and more recently also chemical energy. And by providing a 'Solar Energy ' MOOC in English, Arabic and Chinese, Smets not only educates in Delft, but teaches experts world-wide to realize the  revolution in the electricity supply.

Date: Wednesday 28 September 2016
Start: 15:00 pm
Location: Aula Mekelweg 5, Delft