Gelijkstroomnet Pulse nominated for "De Vernufteling"

News - 02 March 2016

The DC that Valstar Simonis designed for Pulse, is nominated for the price NL Engineers awards for an Advice or Engineering Company that submits the most resourceful project. This can be a technical solution for a social problem or a new way to make a building more sustainable. Sometimes it is about a new technique, often about a smart way to combine existing techniques.

This project is unique because it is the first time in The Netherlands experience is gained with a large-scale application of such a net in a building. Not only is the lighting connected, bus also the work sites and the extensive private electricity generation of the building by solar cells.

The group of professor Pavol Bauer (EWI) is also involved. You can vote until March 13, the ceremony will take place on March 16, on the "day of the Engineer".


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