Nationaal Debat e-Bike; Duurzame vervanging voor auto’s?

News - 12 October 2016

The programme starts at 11:30 with the presentation of the “Solar e-Bike Charging Station” by Tim van der Hagen, Rob Fastenau and Miro Zeman (TU Delft) on 12 October at the FreeZone D of the TU Delft Campus (next to the EWI faculty). 

After the presentation there will be a debate (lunch included) in hall D of the CiTG faculty at 12:30. During this debate different angles of the e-Bikes will be enlightened by Wim Bot (Fietsersbond), Sacha Sylvester (TU Delft), Arjan van Timmeren (AMS) and Martin Guit (Gemeente Rotterdam) Afterward there is a panel discussion led by Marcel Hertogh (DIMI).

Pavol Bauer will have his inaugural speech at the Auditorium of the Aula, title: “How direct will the future electricity be?" at 15:00.


Registration of the debate is obligetory.

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