Serious Policy Game with Minister Kamp on 4 April

News - 30 March 2016

On Monday 4 April Minister Kamp will give a guest lecture on Energy. Prior to the Energy college students can, partly in the presence of Minister Kamp, playing an international serious game. This game is about offshore wind energy and will be held in English.

Players will build a network of offshore wind farms for a fictitious country. Strategy and cooperation are of great importance. The country that is able to produce most megawatts and thereby is the most cost-efficient and can create a great balance of supply and demand, wins. A challenging game that is played by representatives of the Member States at the high official meeting on Energy on 4 February.

Serious Game – The United Colours

During this serious game we find ourselves in the fictitious world of the United Colours.  In 2015 all six countries surrounding the Coloured Sea reached a joint agreement in which they have committed to working together to utilize sustainable energy through the development of offshore wind parks, energy networks and inter-connections.

Each country will be confronted with its energy usage which it must adhere to and there are a number of areas designated in the sea which have been prepared for the realization of offshore wind parks.  After all, sustainable energy is the future.  During this serious game you will form the six countries in the Coloured Sea and you will be given the assignment to generate as much sustainable energy as possible between 2016 and 2035 by producing offshore wind parks.  Each country will have to deal with its own energy needs and will have to insure that this requirement is met.  As a country you are in the first place responsible for your own energy production, but ideally you will make the optimal use of the space available through cooperation and in doing so keeping the budgetary costs in check in the available areas.

You will build wind parks, develop energy networks, strive for efficiency through cooperation with your neighbouring countries and trade in energy to maintain a balance in the total energy management.  Only then will you have the chance to develop the most sustainable energy for the Coloured Sea.

Serious Policy Game
Monday 4 April 2016
14:00 – 16:15
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Halls H, I en J (1st floor)

Registration Serious Policy Game and guest lecture
Students can apply (obligatory) until 1 April via this form.
Please visit this website for more information about the guest lecture and registration. This lecture will be held in Dutch.

More information
The TU Delft Energy Initiative and the Energy Club are host of this event. For further information you can contact Wendy Batist, Communication Officer of the TU Delft Energy Initiative tel. 015 - 27 884 99 or


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