Cynthia Liem nominated for ‘New Scientist Talent 2016’

News - 01 September 2016 - Web editing office

The magazine New Scientist organises an election for young science talent in The Netherlands and Belgium. Eighteen universities have send in their most promising young scientists. TU Delft is proud that Cynthia Liem (1987), assistant professor in Computer Science at EWI,  is shortlisted in the top-25 for this award. 

The PhD research work of Cynthia Liem, which partially was sponsored through a Google European Doctoral Fellowship, focused on techniques to improve access to digital music files. Her interest in this field is partially a consequence of her double background as a computer scientist and actively performing musician. In her thesis, she focused on research questions on comparative analysis of musical performances, and techniques to associate musically related information and use context across various modalities (audio, video and text). Furthermore, she co-initiated and co-coordinated the European research project PHENICX, which focused on digital enrichment of symphonic concert experiences. Currently, she is researching how concepts from this earlier research can more broadly be applied to digital search engines and recommender systems. In particular, she is interested in investigating how interest models can be established and used to stimulate the discovery and exploration of new digital information, also beyond the music domain.

In the academic year 2015-2016, Cynthia was elected by her students as lecturer of the year for computer science. In addition, she is very active in promoting her discipline by making it visible and understandable for the general public.

From the top-25 of this election a top-5 will be selected. These candidates will pitch their work live in front of a large audience on 22 September. Subsequently, the New Scientist Science talent 2016 will be announced, and officially crowned as winner. The top-5 will for 50% be selected by a professional Jury and for the other 50% by public online voting.


So help Cynthia get to the next round by voting on her before 8 September!

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