DCSE has got something to celebrate

News - 14 December 2016

As of this summer DCSE (Delft Institute for Computational Science & Engineering) may officially call itself an institute. That called for a little celebration with the 'insiders' and a glimpse into the future.

Scientific Director Kees Vuik: "We aim to take a leading role in developing problem-solving techniques and methodologies utilizing computational techniques and simulations. And, we would like to become an authoritative community on computational science and engineering related research, education and technology for both peers and industry at the university. Both national and international."

Nice to know: Computational Science is one out of seven faculty themes of EEMCS and will be a minor next year. Also, DCSE has recently joined forces with the TU Delft Climate Institute and together they are working on a Ruisdael proposal.

Anyhow, DCSE feels that math should be put on the map. Math is not just a bunch of formulas, it is inside a lot of the technology that we use on a daily basis. Feel free to put a sticker on your desktop with the words 'math inside'. 


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