Doctor of the Day: Chayan Sarkar

News - 22 November 2016

Today Chayan Sarkar (23rd November) will obtain his doctorate in the Embedded Software group. He worked, in Koen Langendoen's group, on small memory processors.

Chayan: "I started at the core. About 20 years back in time. By looking at the predecessor of the Internet of Things: the wireless internet. IoT is much bigger than that. A bigger aspect, with small problems. I would like to solve these. The IoT operates on real-time information. Communication between devices and sensors needs to be fast and guaranteed, for example. And sensors work on batteries. We have to use these efficiently. Think about your iPhone for a minute. The battery will be empty in no time if you send data continuously. I am now doing my post doc in Stockholm. I work on the security side of the IoT. How the sensitive data that is collected in your smart home can remain private. After my post doc, I will return to India. I have already got a job lined op at Tarda Consultancy in their Innovation Lab."

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