Doctor of the day: Corine Horsch

News - 23 November 2016

Today (23rd November) Corine Horsch will obtain her doctorate. At INSY, and for professor Neerincx, on a virtual sleep coach. 

Corine: "There are a lot of friends and family to support me here today. If I have to explain to them, in one sentence, what I have been working on in the past four years, I would say: an app for people with a sleeping disorder. In my research I mainly focused on therapy loyalty. Luckily I do not suffer from insomnia myself. It was a ready-to-run project proposal. I am particulary interested in how people use technology, and there was huge potential for that in this project. The human aspect was also interesting in this research. I was able to talk to a lot of people that used the app."

You can read more about Corine's research in the press release (Dutch only) that was sent earlier today. Or watch the YouTube-channel of the project.

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