Doctor of the Day: Inna Ivashko

News - 13 December 2016

Today, 13 December, Inna Ivashko of EEMCS will obtain her doctorate. She worked in the group of Alexander Yarovoy (Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems) on networks of radars. These are a good option to be able to cover more 'ground' (or air).

Inna: "In my thesis Radar networks performance analysis and topology optimization I have worked on optimal radar networks. A network offers a great advantage; you get a 3D position of the target and its velocity. And a network offers a wider range. One raders offers a limited coverage of an area and is often positioned on a higher level. Therefore the lower aerospace, for example, is often not looked after. There is a gap so to speak. I have researched the optimal position of radars in a network. By the way, this is not something that can only be used in air traffic. It could also be a relatively cheap solution for monitoring a university campus, or an airport platform. I like research, I am just not a big fan of all the stress involved. All options are wide open. Perhaps I will do a post-doc. I would definitely like to stay in the Netherlands"