Doctor of the day: Mina Shahmohammadi

News - 30 November 2016

Tomorrow, on 1 December, Mina Shahmohammadi will obtain her doctorate. She worked at the micro-electronics department with professor Bogdan Staszewski on her thesis : RF CMOS Oscillators for Cellular Applications. 

Mina: "Oscillators are frequency synthesizers. You see, all the functions on your smart phone use a different frequency. So you need an oscillator in your phone who can bring this wide range of frequencies in sync. An oscillator is not a novelty, but I like to make them smaller, more efficient and cheaper. I have found a job in Delft where I can continue my work, only for car radios. It is fun to design for industrial use for a change. These radios need to last for at least ten years, so the specs and requirements are different."

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