Doctor of the week: Gleb Polevoy

News - 08 December 2016

Last Tuesday Gleb Polevoy obtained his doctorate. He was part of the Algorithmics Group and supervised by Cees Witteveen, Catholijn Jonker and Mathijs de Weerdt.  His thesis "Participation and Interaction in Projects: A Game-Theoretic Analysis" is all about how projects and interactions could run more smoothly, by looking at the effort you put into them. In theory, Gleb has developed an algorithm on how to efficiently work with colleagues.

He translates our habits to numbers to predict certain situations. It sounds very fundamental, and it is. Gleb: "Of course there are many more factors and habits to take into account in real life, than the ones that I put into the model. I have also limited the research to two kinds of 'projects'; value-creating projects and interactions. However, these specific projects are a great start to refine this model. I use math to analyse how people participate in different situations and, based on that, I can give advice on how to optimize their activities. Or how you can work with certain people. It is in fact a formula for what a social culture will look like, with certain parameters that can be tweaked. My goal now is to inspire others to continue with this type of research. It could be a very useful tool for consultants or managers to provide organizational advice."

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