Having an open mind: Rob Remis & Martin van Gijzen

News - 07 December 2016

The joint venture of Rob Remis (Circuits & Systems) and Martin van Gijzen (Numerical Analysis) is a great example of cross-pollination, as we say in Dutch. Their open mind in collaborating with another department led to an Open Mind funding of STW.

Martin: "In this project 'our' Mathematics and Electrical Engineering departments are collaborating with LUMC. Rob has previously worked with Andrew Webb and a graduate actually initiated this particular project. We are working on an affordable MRI scan for third world countries. The MRI devices that we all know operate on a superconducting magnet. You can get a super sharp image out of it. However, this technology is simply too expensive for the third world and they don't have the infrastructure to support it. Without the right equipment a lot of conditions remain undiagnosed. To tackle this, we have developed an MRI technology based on a permanent magnet. This one doesn't use energy and with some simple hardware you can get some images out of it. The images, however, are in a very low resolution. That is way Rob and I and bundeling our expertises. We process the images and make them useful for doctors. So they can make the right diagnosis. Waterheads, for example, are not so rare in Uganda and can be detected with help of our MRI."

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