Inaugural speech Peter Palensky

News - 13 December 2016

Tomorrow, on Wednesday 14 December, prof. Peter Palensky (Intelligent Electrical Power Grids) will hold his inaugural speech.

The topic is, of course, his field of expertise: smart power systems. These systems need to become smarter and smarter, partially due to the integration of renewables (wind and solar energy). However, intelligence leads to complexity.

Peter: "As so often, we have to fight fire with fire: complex automation and information technology is used to master the complexity of the future power system. I work on modeling and understanding complex cyber-physical power systems, in order to develop the power system applications of the future."


Professor Peter Palensky's speech will give a short view into the problem and the potential solution. It starts at 15.00 in the Aula of TU Delft.



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