Kids from Delft read scientific paper online and seek advice on science project

News - 24 November 2016

Who says that scientific papers only preach theory with no practical use! Four bright young minds from Delft (aged 12-14!) found Sujay Narayana's paper on the Embedded Software site for designing a simple and inexpensive system to save hedgehogs.

[S. Narayana, R. V. Prasad, V. S. Rao, T. V. Prabhakar, S. S. Kowshik, M. S. Iyer. PIR Sensors: Characterization and Novel Localization Technique. ACM/IEEE IPSN 2015]

Jeroen, one of the children, contacted Dr. Venkatesha Prasad and Mr. Vijay Rao for further implementation details: “We are a group of four called the Lego Hackerz (TH3 L3G0 H4CK3rZ). This is the third year that we are participating in the Lego League. Last year we were in the Benelux’ finals. And this year we want to take it to the next level. In the competition we have to create Lego-structures using a Lego-robot. But it’s not all about Lego. We also have to do one assignment in which we built a prototype to solve an actual problem. The theme for this year is all about the interaction between humans and animals. We went to the hedgehog shelter in Zoetermeer to look for a project, and found out that a lot of hedgehogs get stuck and killed by lawn mowing machines every year. We would like to find an inexpensive solution to save hedgehogs because now there are only expensive alternatives that cost a few thousand Euros. We have found Sujay and Prasad's work to be giving good results initially. We hope their technology can help us solve the problem."

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