'New tenure tracker will connect geometry with stochastics'

News - 22 December 2016

Jan van Neerven (analyses) and Frank Redig (applied probability), both mathematicians at EEMCS, have sucessfully submitted a project proposal at NWO for a tenure tracker plus PhD candidate, to explore the grey area between geometry and stochastics. This call, in which a number of 7 tenure tracks were available, had the specific purpose of interconnecting national math clusters.

Jan: “We stumbled upon a great opportunity. Frank and I were already working with a PhD candidate who is working in this intrepid area. So we already had a foundation for a joint venture. Frank and I are specialists in stochastics, the 'mathemathical analyses of probability and insecurity'. Together we have the urge to learn more on geometry, an area with a clear overlap into our own research. The mathematics that we aim to develop with the tenure tracker could have many applications, for example in physics or, closer to home, in nanobiology. You may think of modelling cells, that are often 'blobby' and are inconsistent in shape."


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