On Thursday 9 June, Rob Remis was voted EEMCS Lecturer of the Year 2015-2016 by the ETV and CH study associations. The festive ceremony got under way by first announcing the best teachers of each degree programme.

Electrical Engineering
1.    Rob Remis
2.    Wouter Serdijn
3.    Arno Smets

Applied Mathematics
1.    Joost de Groot
2.    Mark Veraar
3.    Wim van Horssen 

Comuter Science
1.    Cynthia Liem
2.    Marco Zuniga Zamalloa
3.    Cees Witteveen

It is the second time that Rob Remis has been voted the best teacher of Electrical Engineering. But it is the first time that he can now call himself the best teacher of the faculty. Students describe Rob as:
-       Teaches with passion and al lot of energy which makes the lectures interesting
-       Very clear, motivating and enthusiastic
-       Helpful, funny and involved with the students
-       Very energetic and motivating teacher. His ability to make EM waves so fascinating is one of his unique features

Congratulations go to all teachers for this great recognition!



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