'Tactile internet enables a surgeon in Amsterdam to perform an operation on a patient in the province'

News - 29 December 2016

Ranga Rao Venkatesha Prasad of the Embedded Software group has recently become the vice-chairman of IEEE 'Tactile Internet' Standards.

VP: "we are the IEEE 1918.1 organization, and we are working on a number of standards (the 'architecture') for the 'Tactile Internet'. Tactile Internet is a technology for the remote controlling of virtual and real objects. This technology can be applied in the medical world, for example, in which a surgeon in Amsterdam could perform an operation on a patient in the province. But, of course, this technology is particularly interesting for the gaming industry too. Our major challenges lie in the area of reliability and latency. We would like to create a one millisecond round trip. Our physical limitation is the speed of light. The maximum distance between operator and object is therefore, at the moment, limited to 150 kilometres."

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