September 16th is the date of the inaugural speech of prof. Leo de Vreede on "Next Generation Wireless Technologies, Searching for the perfect match" at TU Delft. Our data traffic is increasing at full speed and it's a must to switch from 4G to 5G. The question that De Vreede will focus on in his reserach and speech is: "how can we increase our data traffic by 1000, without increasing the ecological footprint of mobile networks".

Mobile networks, worldwide, use a lot of energy. De Vreede: "If you would illustrate this amount in oil, we heat the cargo of the largest supertanker in the world - the Jahre Viking - , MONTHLY. Our data traffic is growing faster than ever by the increase of mobile internet and the rise of machine-to-machine communication, also know as 'the internet of things'. In 2020 our wireless data traffic will grow by a factor 1000. De Vreede: "I would like to know how we can process this enormous amount of data on a mobile network"

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