Conference about Universities and Entrepreneurship

News - 20 February 2017

The Valorisation Canvas was presented by me and Theodore Klouvas (TU Delft |Global Initiative) and was joined by a group of 35 people from various countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Mozambique, United Kingdom and Norway.

The Valorisation Canvas is a tool to foster entrepreneurship and consists of 10 steps that help with getting from an initial idea to a business plan. The tool was developed in 2015 and was especially designed 1) to enable the facilitation of entrepreneurship workshops in low-resource settings where electricity is sometimes lacking, and 2) to have an overview of  the steps taken in generating a business case in the blink of an eye. The ten steps should not necessarily be taken in the same order as presented but are worthwhile to go through at one point in time when developing a business case.

The tool has been used several times for training entrepreneurs but also students, trainers, lecturers as well as professionals in the Netherlands, but also in Africa: Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda , South-Africa and Tanzania. In every workshop when I asked what concepts people relate to the concept of entrepreneurship, I got various answers. Also during this presentation, when I asked the group to write down on a sticky note in one or a few words what they refer to as entrepreneurship, different answers came across. The term ‘Innovation’ was mostly mentioned but also terms such as ‘Revenue’, ‘Creativity’, ‘Problem-Solving’ and ‘Mindset’ were associated with entrepreneurship. It was interesting to notice the commonalities and differences and show that when one talks about entrepreneurship not all are on exactly the same page by default. Therefore, conferences like these are a good platform to share and discuss thoughts and experiences with regard to entrepreneurship education.