Sports cards purchase

News - 19 August 2016

At 15 August, the sale of the Sports card has started.

So, you can already buy your new sports card for the academic year 2016-2017. For more info about the prices, take a look here. Because of the build and upgrade of Unit Sports & Culture (S&C), the sale of these sports card will take place at another place than you are used to; near the temporary Sports desk, next to Hall 3. Want to avoid queuing? Buy your sports card online!

Please don’t forget to bring 2 things before you go to S&C to buy a new Sports card:

  • a hardcopy print of your proof of enrolment;
  • identification.

You can find more information about the offer at this website or take a look at our new brochure. For more information about the rebuilding, take a look here.