Anneke Zuiderwijk’s doctoral research nominated for DEWIS award

News - 05 January 2016 - Webredactie TBM

Anneke Zuiderwijk’s doctoral research has been nominated for the DEWIS award, an annual accolade presented by Delft Women in Science (DEWIS) to the most talented female PhD graduate at TU Delft. Zuiderwijk obtained her doctorate on 29 October 2015 with a research thesis entitled ‘Open Data Infrastructures: The design of an infrastructure to enhance the coordination of open data use’.

Open Government Data

While governmental agencies and academic researchers have traditionally focused on publishing Open Government Data (OGD), Zuiderwijk developed a demand-driven OGD infrastructure that addresses the needs of OGD users.

Zuiderwijk’s research has been nominated for its pioneering and innovative nature, for the major impact it has had on the academic field as well as on developments in technology and practice, and because it was completed within four years. Other factors behind the nomination include that she achieved her results independently, that she has an exceptionally large number of publications and citations to her name, and that she has made a lasting impression on the academic community.

DEWIS award

The DEWIS award is a prize rewarding excellence, founded with the objective of giving additional recognition to the quality of dissertations by young female researchers at TU Delft and boosting the visibility of their work. The other nominees for the DEWIS award are Dr Emanuela Negro (Applied Sciences), Dr Negar Khoshnevis Gargar (Civil Engineering and Geosciences) and Dr Maria Johanna Ruijter (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science). The award will be presented on 12 February 2016 during the annual DEWIS symposium on ‘Gender, Power & Politics’.

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