Start new Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship

News - 01 March 2016 - Webredactie TBM

On Monday 8th of February, Jeroen van den Hoven announced the start of the new Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE). This was celebrated with VP Education & Operations Anka Mulder and many other colleagues from various faculties, YES!Delft and partners from the industry.

Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship

DCE provides a variety of courses in Technology-Based Entrepreneurship for bachelor, master and PhD level students. Each year, about 400 students follow entrepreneurship courses and many of them have started their own company in or outside the YES!Delft incubator. Over the last years, the Delft Centre of Entrepreneurship has evolved into a Centre of Expertise in Technology-Based Entrepreneurship by drawing on research and education in entrepreneurship, and engaging entrepreneurial activities in practice. The cross-fertilization of these is vital to enhance entrepreneurship education and to preserve its quality at the highest level, as well as providing nascent entrepreneurs with the latest developments and insights. Recently DCE was established as an autonomous entity to better address the increasing interest in entrepreneurial activity at the Delft University of Technology among students, faculty members across the university and partners within the industry.

Managing Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

During the celebration Anka Mulder received the first copy of the book “Managing Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation” from the Victor Scholten, director of DCE. The book is authored by the colleagues of DCE and presents contemporary thinking on Technology-Based Entrepreneurship with reference to the Delft Eco-system of Entrepreneurship.

Delft Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship

DCE collaborates within the Delft Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship together with the Innovation & Impact Centre, Delft Enterprises, YES!Delft and the YES!Delft Students. DCE will contribute to this Ecosystem mainly through its research and education on entrepreneurship and its facilitating role in bringing together educators, researchers and entrepreneurs.

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