Groningen and Delft (Catherine Pappas) investigate skyrmions as information carriers

News - 30 November 2016

Researchers in Groningen and Delft will be using a FOM grant worth €1.63 million to study magnetic skyrmions in the next few years, due to their interesting properties such as the spin structure that gives rise to effective magnetic fields. 

A skyrmion is a complex magnetic, vortex-like structure that can best be described as a round object in which the direction of the magnetic moment on the outer rim is opposite to that of the centre. Skyrmions play a role in all kinds of physical contexts. They show promising potential for use as information bits when they are brought into motion by low electrical currents.

This FOM research programme combines theory, materials synthesis and the latest experimental techniques for investigating new magnetic topological  states and transport effects. The research will enable skyrmions to be created and used in new materials.

The research programme is being led by Maxim Mostovoy of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials in Groningen. The research in Delft is being led by Catherine Pappas of the Neutron and Positron methods in Materials (RST) research group.