ImPhys Science day 2016

News - 06 October 2016

This year the Science day was in a different format and location for an inspiring and creative approach. The traditional poster presentations were replaced by discussions around seven scientific themes. In the afternoon there were lectures by Prof. dr. Sylvain Gigan and Prof. dr. Freek Beekman followed by workshop sessions. 


Challenge & Inspire

Discussion Groups:

  1. “It’s a small world after all” - Beating physical constraints for fabricating small-scale objects
  2.  “Now you see it, now you don’t” – Limits of high-resolution imaging
  3.   “Bits in Null space” - Solving large inverse problems
  4. “Big data? Bigger data? Biggest data?” - Handling large volumes of data
  5. “Small is beautiful” - Imaging extremely small objects
  6. “Making all the right noises” - Beating the noise in your measurements
  7. “Help, my signal is drowning in the noise”

Inspiration from outside

 2 key-note speakers:

  • Prof. dr. Sylvain Gigan Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel
    Extreme adaptive optics: superman vision and biomedical imaging?
  • Prof. dr. Freek BeekmanTU Delft and MIlabs
    1/4-mm SPECT and simultaneous sub-mm PET-SPECT with translation to game-changing clinical SPECT

Recap and deepen


  • Signal/data acquisition and FPGA’s - Roland Horsten (ImPhys)
  • How to make use of 3D-printing for your research - Thim Zuidwijk (ImPhys)
  • Meet the speaker - Sylvain Gigan (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
  • Visual communication with a twist - Auke Herrema (cartoonist/illustrator)
  • To boldy go … beyond the poster - Allard Zoutendijk en Arjan Altena (Lijm & Cultuur)
  • Meet the alumni - Lennard Voortman (DELMIC) and Ali Mohammadi-Gheidari (FEI, TUD)