Assistant professor Anna Smith in Forbes’ 30 under 30

News - 25 January 2016 - webredactie-mc

According to Forbes, Anna Louise Smith is among the 300 most influential Europeans under 30. Anna was selected for the list ‘30 under 30’ for Europe 2016. Also researcher Bas Hensen is on the list. 

Sustainable nuclear power
Anna Louise Smith (27) was selected for the sector Industry for her research on new reactors for more sustainable nuclear power. ‘Her research focuses on the materials chemistry of Generation IV designs such as sodium-cooled fast reactors and molten salt reactors, which many hope will prove safer and more efficient than current reactor technology,’ reports Forbes. Anna Louise Smith currently is an Assistant professor at the Reactor Institute Delft.

‘Super-secure communications’
Bas Hensen (29) was selected for the sector Science & Healthcare for his research on quantum teleportation. According to Forbes, the result of his reseach could be 'consumers who are slightly less uncomfortable, thanks to super-secure communications that make eavesdropping physically impossible.’

Hensen is currently a PhD candidate at the department of Quantum Nanoscience and Quantum Transport and recently made world news with his publication in Nature. In this publication, Hensen disproves Einstein’s assumptions about ‘spooky action’ (as Einstein himself called it).

Forbes 30 under 30
‘30 under 30’ is a list published annually by Forbes and reviews 300 ‘top young leaders, creative inventors and brash entrepreneurs’ in Europe under 30. The list maintains 10 different sectors: the arts, entertainment, industry, media, policy, social entrepreneurs, retail & ecommerce, science & healthcare, finance, technology. For each sector an expert jury is composed.