Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research VENI grant awarded to TU Delft’s Dr Anna Smith

News - 22 July 2016 - webredactie-mc

Dr Anna Smith of TU Delft’s Department of Radiation Science and Technology has been awarded a VENI research grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).  Anna conducts research for TU Delft Professor Rudy Konings’ ‘Nuclear Fuel Cycle Chemistry’ chair. She will focus on developing innovative research methods and combine these with advanced physicochemical models to research the structure, thermodynamic stability and viscosity of liquid fuel salts in molten-salt reactors. The molten-salt reactor is one of six generation-IV reactor types currently being researched around the world. 

NWO has three types of grants that researchers can apply for within a limited period of time after obtaining a PhD. The VENI grant is the first and it’s intended for excellent researchers at the beginning of their academic research careers. The VIDI and VICI grants are for a later time. The NWO’s grants are considered prestigious because they rigorously select researchers both on personal qualities and on the academic quality and scientific content of the proposal submitted.