OYSTER year report 2015

News - 16 June 2016 - webredactie-mc

The OYSTER programme (Optimised Yield – for Science, Technology & Education – of Radiation) provides RID with highly advanced research infrastructure, in order to make it possible for RID to optimally facilitate both her own -as well as Dutch- and international scientists in their research.

Directly to the OYSTER year report

The new beam instrument PEARL has been taken into operation during OYSTER’s fourth year and has generated a great deal of interest. PEARL’s new smart design means it is comparable with the best neutron powder diffractomers in the world, including those with neutron sources ten times a powerful. This new instrument is improving energy material research. Researchers are able to conduct scientific research into energy storage materials for, for instance wind and solar energy and will be able to better investigates clever cooling materials, such as for magnetic cooling. 

The basic design of the cold neutron source – to be built in our reactor- was worked out in further detail. The cold neutron source will allow us to increase the intensity of low-energy neutrons in order to improve the sensivity of the beam instruments. Other achievements in 2015 include the design of a flexible irradiation facility. In short, a lot is happening! This and more can be found in the OYSTER year report.