3 TU Delft Papers in Transportation Research B

News - 03 May 2016 - Transport Institute

3 TU Delft papers have been published in the April and May edition of Transportation Research B (Vol. 86 & 87). The authors of the papers are, amongst others, Bešinović, Goverde, Quaglietta, Correia, Van Arem en Knoop.

In the may edition (Vol. 87) there is a paper by (amongst others) Nikola Bešinović, Rob M.P. Goverde and Egidio Quaglietta on "An integrated micro–macro approach to robust railway timetabling" and a paper by Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia and Bart van Arem with the title: "Solving the User Optimum Privately Owned Automated Vehicles Assignment Problem (UO-POAVAP): A model to explore the impacts of self-driving vehicles on urban mobility".

The april edition (Vol. 86) contains a paper by (amongst others) Victor Knoop on "Traffic flow on pedestrianized streets".


Click on the titles to read the papers through ScienceDirect.