ERC Starting Grant for research into Greenland's melting ice sheet

News - 10 March 2016 - Webredactie Communication

TU Delft researcher Miren Vizcaino has received an ERC Starting Grant. The grant amount to approximately 1.5 million euros to fund her research over the next five years.

Miren Vizcaino's (CEG) research focuses on land ice in Greenland, huge amounts of which is disappearing at an increasingly rapid rate. As yet, there is limited understanding of the precise physical mechanism behind this. It is uncertain whether the current trend will continue in the future and how this might be influenced by climate variations in the region and worldwide. Furthermore, the impact of the Greenland ice melt on the climate – locally and globally – is also unclear. 

In this project, Vizcaino is attempting to clarify the relationship between melt trends in Greenland and climate variations, along with the timing of centuries-long melt cycles on the island in the past and their impact. She will also examine the relationship between the current melt and those in earlier periods. See this interview with Vizcaino for more information.

Sander Otte (Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Applied Sciences) has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his research proposal on Spin correlations by atomic design (SPINCAD). In this project, Otte will investigate the collective dynamics in artificially designed atomic spin structures. The excitations of these spin lattices, such as spinons or magnons, can be viewed as quantum-mechanical quasiparticles that propagate at tremendous speeds. Implementing special detectors will help to visualise the motion of these elementary particles with atomic local precision.
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Previous grants to TU Delft
Heads of seven other Delft research projects had already received support from an ERC Starting Grant in the same round.

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