Inspirerende docenten in de spotlight op de TU Delft Education Day

News - 14 December 2016

Best Lecturer

Judith Bosboom (CEG) was presented with the award for Best Lecturer 2016. Every year, the student associations put forward their choices for the best lecturer from their degree programme and faculty. From these eight lecturers, a jury subsequently selects TU Delft’s Best Lecturer of the year. Judith Bosboom teaches Coastal Dynamics 1, an important subject but one that students find particularly complex and challenging, writes the jury. Despite the demanding subject matter, she is still able to successfully help more than 75% of her students through the course, achieving excellent results. To a large part, this is down to her constant drive to innovate and improve, using various teaching methods to reach her students.

At the end of the course, students are required to record their own video about what they have learned and post it online. This allows the expertise to be spread even further. In turn, her students’ online data provides Felienne with a wealth of information, which she uses to further improve her courses and as input for her research into spreadsheets.

Delft Education Fellowship

An Education Fellowship was awarded to three lecturers: Bertus Beaumont (Applied Sciences), Ivo Bouwmans (Technology, Policy and Management) and Frido Smulders (Industrial Design Engineering). All three have an impressive track record in innovative education. The Fellowship includes a two-year scholarship of €25,000 a year for a professor or (senior) university lecturer to complete an educational project. The Fellows are required to share their knowledge and experience as ‘educational ambassadors’.