Logistics sector to make concrete progress using blockchain technology

News - 15 November 2016

Blockchain technology has been on the rise all around the world in recent years. The technology, which uses an open network of databases and functions as a public, digital, distributed ‘ledger’, has a wide range of applications. In the coming two years, the project will focus on developing the contours of a new information infrastructure based on block chain technology, uniting operational information, financial flows and contracts.

Three concrete use cases

In this project, the use of blockchain technology for logistics purposes will be concretely set up, tested and live tested. Johan Pouwelse, Project Manager and Associate Professor at TU Delft, confirms this point. ‘This project is not about discussing potential, we are actually going to put words into action’. The final result of the project is centred on delivering three concrete Use Cases: chain financing, supply financing and circular economics. TU Delft will concentrate on creating an open-source core business infrastructure that will make the blockchain suitable for mission critical usage. 

Improved collaboration throughout the chain

Martijn Siebrand, Supply Chain Finance Programme Manager, identifies a wealth of opportunities for this project. ‘If you ask me, using blockchain technology for the financial routes in logistics is just the beginning. I see this as a stepping stone towards a logistics sector with improved collaboration throughout the entire chain.’


The 16-partner consortium features a balanced blend of various parties in the chain. TU Delft, Windesheim, the SCF Community, TNO, Centric, Exact, ABN AMRO, SmartPort, Royal FloraHolland, the Port of Rotterdam, FBBasic & Cirmar, BeScope Solutions, NBK, Innopay, and TransFollow together provide the force to drive this project to success.
This project is complementary to the public-private initiative to establish a national research institute for Blockchain (working title: Blockchain Core Competence Center), initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

More information

About TKI Dinalog
The Topconsortium voor Kennis en Innovatie Dinalog (‘Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation’, formerly TKI Logistiek) is focused on structurally stimulating and realising public-private collaboration in the field of research in the Logistics Top Sector. This concerns innovation through fundamental and applied research, alongside the valorisation and dissemination of expertise, experiences and results. United in the Topconsortium voor Kennis en Innovatie (TKI), Dinalog, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and TNO collaborate to boost innovation in the Logistics Top Sector.

Martijn Siebrand, Programmamanager Supply Chain Finance TKI Dinalog, siebrand@dinalog.nl
Johan Pouwelse, TU Delft / project leader, http://staff.tudelft.nl/J.A.Pouwelse/, http://www.blockchain-lab.org/ 

Science Information Officer TU Delft Roy Meijer, r.e.t.meijer@tudelft.nl, +31 15 2781751