Marileen Dogterom elected as new KNAW member

News - 19 May 2016

Professor of Bionanoscience Marileen Dogterom is one of the sixteen new members of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). She is one of the pioneers in the field of biomolecular physics. Dogterom’s research is focused on the cytoskeleton: the microtubules and filaments that give animal and plant cells their shape and mechanical function and that enable cells to successfully divide. 

In the Marileen Dogterom LAB she recreates cell components in order to gain a quantitative understanding of the physics of the cytoskeleton. Her work is an important prelude to the development of artificial cells.

Marileen Dogterom is also Professor of Biophysics at Leiden University.

Installation of Academy members

The KNAW has elected sixteen new members. Members of the KNAW, leading scientists and scholars from every discipline, are elected from nominations submitted by their peers within and outside of the Academy. The KNAW has around 500 members. Members are elected for life. The new Academy members will be installed on Monday 12 September 2016 in the Trippenhuis, the official seat of the KNAW.


More information is available on the website of the KNAW.