Nuna wins SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa

News - 03 October 2016

Despite having experienced several setbacks, the Nuon Solar Team won the SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa this weekend. The students from TU Delft covered a distance of 4717 km with their solar car Nuna8s, a new world record for the longest distance driven in a solar race.

They broke the record of the Japanese Tokai team, which ended second in the race behind the Nuon Solar Team. Their lead of 173 km was the smallest difference ever. Two years ago, the difference between the leader and second place was 1500 km.


The race did not go smoothly for the Nuon Solar Team. Before they departed for South Africa, their solar car crashed during a test run in the Netherlands. Once the car had been fully repaired, Nuna collided with a railing and damaged its nose on the second day of racing. In the days thereafter, the team battled against a strong wind, and the students were even stopped by the police. That the team nevertheless won the race can be ascribed primarily to the excellent collaboration, explained team manager Sjoerd Stevens."In the past year we have focussed especially on the functioning of our team and the various roles that each person plays in it. We are now reaping the benefits of that work."
For more information, please visit the team’s website: Nuon Solar Team.