Algea as building blocks for new materials, waves and ship motion, a new knee prosthesis, just three examples of promising Delft research being shown to business and industry on June 2nd during the TU Delft research Exhibition. This concept store showcases twenty Delft research projects. 

The twenty projects are in different stages of research, from fundamental, through prototype to being market ready. The presenting researchers are already working together with businesses, but are also looking for new partnerships for further cooperation. With this exhibition the TU Delft aims to strengthen and intensify its collaboration with business and industry in order to enhance the use and flow of Delft knowledge to society and the market.
The complete list of researchers and projects:

  • Peter Naaijen    Real time accurate prediction of approaching waves and wave induced ship motions
  • Heike Vallery    ANGELAA in powered knee prostheses
  • Andrea Sciacchitano    On-site sports aerodynamics with the ring of fire
  • Paul Dennissen; Santiago Garcia Espallargas    Diatoms as building blocks for new materials
  • Antonia Denkova    Nano-carriers for alpha radionuclide therapy
  • Caroline Paul    New vitamins for enzymes
  • Simon Groeblacher    On-Chip Optical Sensors with Attonewton Sensitivity
  • Jantien Stoter; Hugo Ledoux    A national 3D Geoinformation dataset for urban applications
  • Juan Azcarate Aguerre    Facade leasing
  • Julien Chimot; Tim Vlemmix    Improving the atmospheric NO2 satellite measurements in presence of fine particles
  • Marija Nedelkovic    Geopolymer concrete systems for production of environmentally friendly building materials
  • Henk Jonkers; Renee Mors    Bacteria based healing of concrete - Using crack management to enhance durability
  • Przemyslaw Pawelczak    WISENT: Wireless (re)programming of batteryless sensors
  • Kofi Makinwa    Sensing temperature with heat
  • Alessandro Bozzon    SocialGlass
  • Kaspar Jansen    The potential of emerging materials
  • Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt; Christine de Lille    PASSME: Personalised Airport Systems for Seamless Mobility and Experience
  • Yu Song; Johan Molenbroek    3D handscanner
  • Laurens Rook    Using persuasive technology interventions and big data to reduce household energy usage
  • Haiko van der Voort    A governance handbook on smart mobility   

More information 
The TU Delft Research Exhibition will take place on 2nd June, from 13.00-19.00 at TU Delft Library.
Contact: Annie Breeuwsma,, 06 420 88 981, or
Susanne Sleenhoff, 015 27 83078, 

An impression of the 2014 edition of this event:

TU Delft Research Exhibition DIG-it!