Seven professors receive double appointment during Medical Delta Event

News - 20 June 2016

On Tuesday 21 June 2016, seven Medical Delta professors will receive their double appointment to Leiden University, the LUMC, TU Delft and/or the Erasmus MC Rotterdam. These double appointments help to unite the worlds of medicine (Leiden and Rotterdam), drug research (Leiden) and technology (Delft).

During an inaugural lecture marathon, the seven professors will introduce their contributions to innovations in medical technology from their own professional field, and the impact of these innovations on health care. Rapid technological innovation is presenting improved opportunities of comprehending the human body at the smallest possible level (DNA cell level) and to research the effect of medicines, lifestyle and medical treatments in personal, individual cases. From the possibility of ‘One-Hour Cancer Treatment’ specifically tailored to your DNA to testing medicines on a chip with your own cells, making ‘personalised medicine’ a realistic possibility. By combining technology and health care, such developments are now truly within reach.

Medical Delta Event
The double appointments will take place during the 6th annual Medical Delta Event (formerly MedTechWest). Each year this event attracts 350 leading scientists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs and governmental representatives. This is only the second double appointment in Dutch academic history; the first 11 Medical Delta professors were appointed in 2014. 

Technology in the clinic: medical technology and its impact on health care
Collaboration between the first group of Medical Delta professors (also physicians from Leiden and Rotterdam, and engineers from Delft) has already resulted in innovations in, for example, the field of minimally-invasive procedures and the development of 3D prints of the human body. Such minimally-invasive procedures result in smaller scars, accelerating patient recovery time and reducing time in hospital. The development of 3D prints of the human body means that prior to attempting a complicated procedure, surgeons can first practise the procedure on a 3D-printed model.

Medical Delta professors 2016

  • Professor  Cock van Duijn – Erasmus MC / Leiden University
    Precision medicine in Medical Delta: About genes, metabolites and prevention.
  • Professor Thomas Hankemeier – Leiden University / Erasmus MC
    Big Data in Medical Delta: How metabolomics will change health care.
  • Professor  Marileen Dogterom – TU Delft / Leiden University  
    Can we build a synthetic cell? And will this impact personalised medicine?
  • Professor  Claire Wyman – Erasmus MC / TU Delft 
    What’s the difference between Angelina Jolie and me? We train scientists to find nanoscale answers.
  • Professor  Corrie Marijnen – LUMC / TU Delft
    HollandPTC: a dream comes true: About protons, patients and preferences.
  • Professor  Jean-Philippe Pignol – Erasmus MC / TU Delft
    Active women with breast cancer: About the one-hour radiation treatment.
  • Professor  Rob Nelissen – LUMC / TU Delft
    Smart Implant Surgery! Medical Delta adds: About patient safety, 3D-printed implants & quality.

 A magazine featuring interviews with all seven full professors has been published to mark these second Medical Delta inaugurations.


Additional information on the Medical Delta Event
Location: Aula Congress Centre, TU Delft
Time: 10:00-17:00
Time of inaugural lecture marathon: 15:00-16:30
Programme & registration via