Sustainable Dutch electricity at TU Delft from 2017

News - 15 February 2016 - Webredactie Communication

From January 2017 TU Delft will only purchase electricity that has been sustainably generated in the Netherlands. This choice for green energy is in line with TU Delft's policy to make its campus more sustainable and to halve its carbon emissions in 2020 compared to 2012. The green energy from Eneco, generated by wind turbines off the Dutch coast, will enable TU Delft to reduce its carbon emissions by 60%. TU Delft and Eneco signed the contract for this today.

Dutch wind energy

For the power purchasing tender, TU Delft decided to purchase 100% wind energy. Wind energy from six wind turbines in the wind park Eneco Luchterduinen off the Dutch coast was the most favourable option. 

Halving carbon emissions


This Dutch wind energy will soon provide more than 70% of TU Delft's electricity needs. Each year TU Delft consumes around 54 million kWh, equal to some 15,000 households. Besides the purchased wind energy, TU Delft will be using electricity from its own low-energy CHP plant as well as a small amount generated by the large solar PV plant on the roof of the TU Delft campus.