The future of autonomous driving in 8 papers

News - 06 September 2016

Autonomous vehicles are coming to our streets. We don ‘t know yet all the shapes and sizes they will come in and how they will fit into our lives. This is precisely why researchers – with expertise ranging from technology to social sciences – are investigating the impact of autonomous vehicles on our lives and on the way cities will be designed in the future.

Gonçalo Correia is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Transport and Planning at Delft University of Technology. In the following research highlight article in Elsevier, he picked 8 research papers on the topic of the future of driving that will leave you with an expert’s perspective! The papers will all be freely accessible until September 30, 2016. 

Read the full article: Driving to driverless: what will the future look like?


Photo: Gonçalo Correia, Twizy  
Credentials: TU Delft / Frank Auperlé 

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