TU Delft best Dutch university in THE Reputation Rankings

News - 04 May 2016 - Webredactie Communication

In the new Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, TU Delft maintains a shared 51-60th position, just like in 2015. TU Delft is now the highest-ranking Dutch university on this list.


The World Reputation Rankings are based on a survey among more than 10.000 academics from 133 countries, who are asked which ten universities are leading in their academic field. The results are weighed for origin and academic field of the respondents.

Times Higher Education

The World Reputation Rankings are part of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, which is primarily focused on the academic impact of publications. In that list TU Delft is placed 65th.

In five years’ time, TU Delft has risen from 151st place (2010) to 65th (2015). In the THE Engineering & Technology Rankings  TU Delft is ranked in 19th place.

More information about the THE rankings.



The THE Ranking is one of the most influential university league tables in the world, alongside the Shanghai Ranking and the QS Ranking which were published two weeks ago. Each ranking is set up slightly differently and has its own advantages and limitations. They are important to universities primarily as a means of attracting international talent, as they are frequently consulted by international students and academics.