TU Delft Hyperloop Team Wins Most Economic Feasible Proposal

News - 15 September 2016

Three students of the MSc. TIL, Srikumaar R. Ganesan, Bon Bakermans and Anirudh K. Bhoopalam, participated in the Dutch Hyperloop Challenge, organized by Connekt, in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Topsector Logistics, Rijkswaterstaat, the City of Amsterdam, KPN, Capgemini and NXP. This challenge was organized to pick the overall best team to represent the Netherlands in the finals of "Hyperloop One Global Challenge".

The second of September was the grand finale of the competition where 4 teams were picked to pitch their concepts to the jury.


The Jury comprised of Mark Frequin (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), Jan Hendrik Dronkers (Rijkswaterstraat), Pieter Litjens (City of Amsterdam), Frank Wammes (Capgemini), Carlo van de Weijer (TU Eindhoven, TomTom), Guido Dierick (NXP), Vincent Kobesen (PTV Group), Mars Geurs (Delft Hyperloop) and others. Team TU Delft was amongst the finalists. Unfortunately, they did not win the overall competition but they were awarded to be the most economically feasible proposal. This means that they have secured tickets to California and Nevada for early next year where they will visit the Hyperloop testing site.