TU Delft spin-off Eternal Sun acquires US company Spire Solar

News - 26 January 2016 - Webredactie Communication

Eternal Sun has acquired US company Spire Solar. Both Eternal Sun and Spire Solar work on solar simulation technology that is used, among others, for the testing of solar panels. Eternal Sun’s technology was first developed at TU Delft.

Sizeable takeover

‘A takeover of this magnitude is wonderful for us as a young company; it really helps us putting our company prominently on the map’, says CEO Chokri Mousaoui. ‘Spire Solar is a household name in the solar panel market, and has been known for its excellent technology for over forty years. The acquisition of Spire Solar gives us a firm foothold in the market for solar panel production.‘


In 2011, Eternal Sun saw the light as a start-up company at TU Delft incubator YES!Delft, and has grown rapidly since. Eternal Sun develops innovative solar simulator systems based on technology that was first developed at TU Delft, and is now used world-wide to test solar panels and other systems on quality and on degradation-related issues. Spire Solar, founded in 1969, has been producing solar testing equipment since 1982. About a quarter of all solar panels in the world are tested with the help of their solar simulators. Eternal Sun has so far found its customers mostly among scientific institutes such as the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN). 


More information 
Please, visit the website of Eternal Sun for additional information.