Just Herder new chair of the PME Department

News - 07 February 2017

Just is enthusiastic about his new appointment. ‘One of the strong points to emerge from the last review of our department is that PME is a coherent and cooperative department with major potential. We owe this to Urs’ commitment in recent years. He has done an excellent job in setting up the department. I would like to thank Urs, also on behalf of Theun Baller and our department, for his excellent chairmanship. The mutual cooperation between the staff at PME and their multidisciplinary approach provides an excellent basis for setting up long-term consortiums with other groups and institutes. I see it as my task to develop this strong department at the national and international levels.

My plan is primarily to clarify and facilitate our ambitions as individuals and as a group, and to give these ambitions practical expression through research and teaching results and the way these results are used in innovations and other applications. This presents PME with another challenge. Many researchers working at this department develop enabling technology, such as computer-assisted design methods that make it possible to design anything. However, we often neglect to convey in concrete detail what it is that we actually design with it. I also believe that many researchers are overly modest when it comes to promoting their research. In my role as chairman, I want to convey PME’s unique expertise more clearly to companies and students. Indeed, we can provide many fabulous recent results and new projects as examples.’

Just Herder in brief

Just Herder is full professor of interactive mechanisms and mechatronics at the Department of Precision & Microsystems Engineering at TU Delft and part-time full professor of mechanisms and robotics design at the University of Twente. Prior to his appointment at PME, Just worked for many years as associate professor at 3mE’s Department of BioMechanical Engineering. Just still has close ties with his colleagues at BME. In addition to conducting his own research, Just is strongly committed to enhancing innovation in the area of Precision & Microsystems Engineering. Just advocates a national approach in which the universities of technology in Delft, Twente and Eindhoven work closely together. According to Just, we still have a great deal to research and develop, so the focus should be on multidisciplinary research in order to jointly create an environment and generate activities that will result in innovations and excellent publications and industrial applications, and perhaps even lead to the creation of start-ups.

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