Two Vidis for 3mE: Joost de Winter and Fritz Körmann

News - 30 May 2017

Eight researchers from TU Delft, including two from the 3mE Faculty, namely Joost de Winter and Fritz Körmann, received a Vidi grant on 30 May for their research proposals.

Joost de Winter, researcher in the Department of BioMechanical Engineering, received a Vidi for his research: ‘How should automated vehicles communicate with other road users?’

  • Read more about Joost de Winter here.

Fritz Körmann, researcher at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering received a Vidi for his research: ‘How to mix the perfect high entropy alloy cocktail?’

  • Read more about Fritz Körmann here.

Vidi is aimed at experienced researchers who have carried out successful research for a number of years after obtaining their PhDs. Vidi grants enable researchers to develop their own line of research and hire one or more employees. The grant is worth up to 800,000 euros. Together with the Veni and Vici grants, Vidi is part of the NWO Talent Scheme.