BK students at Highlight festival

News - 07 December 2017 - Communication BK

Highlight is the new event for light art, design and light experiences. Around Bastiaansplein upcoming designers, artists and students show exciting and innovative projects, stretching the boundaries of the light spectrum. Entrance is free of charge.

A group of BK students will show their project called ‘Pixies’. The project aims to redefine the idea of spatial experience.Architectural spaces are mostly defined by larger fixed elements including walls, planes and lines. Pixies on the contrary are points in constantly changing positions. They define the negative space, which is creating a different spatial experience. Due to their ability to interact with the audience, the audience re-shapes the size of the fixed space.

The Pixies-system is a playful, yet elegant way of connecting the audience with its environment. They are on itself existing entities that together create a sensing cloud for interactivity. They are designed to redefine the architectural usage and make the audience reconsider the definition of space. Pixies are responding to simple hand gestures while moving through open space with swarm-like behaviour. Their movement is gentle and slow, which results in approachableness and trust towards the friendly giants. Thereby creating a new and interesting way of connecting people.

Light has the ability to create different atmospheres and to evoke responses in people through signals, which are awakening a state of assurance or danger. Through the implementation of these abilities of light, a connection is created between the Pixies and the audience. This is initiating a real-time visual reaction of a Pixie on the user, resulting in an intuitive interaction.

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More information on the event and the rest of programme can be found here.