TU Delft has appointed Bas van de Wiel as Professor of Atmospheric Physics. This is an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AvL) position, intended to accelerate the promotion of excellent scientists to professor so that they can develop their academic careers to the fullest.

Van de Wiel has worked as an associate professor in the field of meterology and atmospheric physics at the Department of Geoscience & Remote Sensing of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences since 2015. He has had two important, personal grants awarded: an ERC Consolidator Grant and a VIDI grant.

The weather at night and in cold areas

Nationally and internationally Van de Wiel is viewed as an expert with regard to night time atmospheric boundary layers and cold boundary layers in general. In short, Van de Wiel specifically studies the weather at night and in cold areas because he wants to be able to make better weather forecasts. For instance, he would like to understand how it’s possible for the weather to suddenly change at night. This knowledge would enable him to better predict phenomena such as unexpected morning mist or road frost during the morning rush hour. Frost at night can also severely damage crops.  In fact, this year fruit will become expensive, due to significant harvest losses caused by the frosty night of April 19th. With his research team Van de Wiel wants to use his ERC Consolidator Grant to gain a better fundamental understanding of the nocturnal atmosphere as to improve its physical representation in state-of-the-art weather and climate models.

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